55 Broadway

  • Heritage and Residential
  • 2013
  • Winning Competition Design
    Client: TfL
  • Area: Winning Competition Design
55 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1H 0BD
We won this two-stage open competition to refurbish and repurpose TfL’s iconic Art Deco’s headquarters. As interesting as the building itself was the structure of the competition: On the second round, TfL selected two architectural practices to work alongside each other, sharing the same design team, so that the winning design would be able to incorporate ideas from the other scheme. We were paid for six months work to produce a scheme in competition with Allies and Morrison. As well as coming up with the winning strategy of liberating the cruciform art deco building by creating a side street, I led the residential redesign and strategy. I worked very closely with Knight Frank who were advising on the development values The tenet of the strategy to achieve the best value for TfL was to locate the units that fetched the highest price per square foot on the best sections of this incredible building. The comparative unit values per square foot of large units far outweighed the values of the smaller units, and the higher the floor, the higher the value. So with this in mind, I devised a services strategy that had all the plant and services located in low value areas of the first floor on the service yard, and in contrast with Allies and Morrison’s scheme, had no plant on the roofs or upper stories at all. This immediately gave us a big competitive edge, which allowed us to produce a very creative scheme that made the most of the incredible design features of this remarkable building. My colleague Simon Ricketts created a very strong retail space strategy, that combined with the residential development, proved to be decisive in producing a winning entry.

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