We established Tectonica to work with existing and new clients and investors, and collaborate with other architects and designers in a broader range of projects. 

The art of putting things together is known as tectonica.

The most important thing to remember is that the value of the built environment is determined by where we place ourselves within it, by how we inhabit and live in our cities and buildings. 

We enjoy creating spaces for people.

We are pragmatic in our approach to project demands and resources, and our strategies are straightforward. In addition to a practical approach, we base our practice on academic research, historical knowledge, and the opportunities presented by new technologies and environmental challenges.

Most of our experience is in residential projects, ranging from master-planning and affordable housing to some of London’s most luxurious and expensive historic buildings. Furthermore, our academic background acknowledges the importance of social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors shaping our cities and buildings.

When working with clients, we like to help them explore how design can help them achieve the briefs that they want to meet: it could be to adapt a property due to personal or market circumstances, to take forward an investment opportunity and maximise value, or to meet the environmental and social objectives of a building project.

Our most recent research and projects focus on developing strategies to transform existing housing stock to meet increased demand and improve environmental performance. We see the growing demand for housing and the need to improve environmental performance as a fantastic opportunity to add value to clients while enhancing the urban and suburban environment.

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