Cooper & Southwark

  • Commercial Offices
  • 2013
  • Client: SWIP
  • Area: 78,000 sq ft
61 Southwark Street, Southwark, London SE1 1SA
We were invited to bring up to date 61 Southwark Street, a former printworks building that had been converted into offices, and in spite of having had a rooftop extension, was providing poor quality office accommodation. The building sat opposite the Blue Fin Building, and the area had seen significant regeneration. The ground floor was raised by half a storey making access difficult. As the building sat back from Southwark Street, we proposed a ground floor extension towards the street, with a corner turret and an infill of the now redundant goods yard and car park to the rear. We relocated the TFL bus stop that stood outside the reception area and created a storey and a half high reception entrance on a full bay, bringing light and improving access and the quality of the space. As the building was occupied during construction, the refurbishment of the building was planned so that it could be done on a partial basis. Once we obtained planning consent for the pension fund and refurbished one of the floors, the fund sold the property to HB Reavis, who took on and completed the development.

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